About Us

We are group of modern people that through years of working in Finance sector learned how to benefit from the system. Managing modern world finances can be challenging. Consumers get bombarded everyday with sophisticated marketing campaigns and multitude of offers. We are here to cut through that clutter. We are spending time to find smart ways to pay bills and track finances.

Our plan is eventually to be able to cover all of the niches that are related to bill payment. We are starting slow and are looking for a feedback from our readers on what interests them.

Our plan is to cover:

  • Where to pay your credit card, utility, vehicle, insurance and other bills
  • How to pay your bills on time

We also like to have fun, so you might find articles on most outrageous things people find to spend their money on.

Thank you for visiting and providing us with an inspiration to keep writing and to help others.

Be spending, while saving!

PayMyBill Editorial Team.