Frontier Pay My Bill – Quick and Easy Ways

Frontier Communications started in the 1930s when it was first known as Citizens Utilities Company. The company became Frontier Communications Corporation in 2008 and is one of the largest providers of telecommunications data in the United States. Frontier originally serviced primarily more rural areas but has since expanded to include many urban centers as well.

The reach and services Frontier provides have expanded over its history, and with it so has your payment options.

Paying Your Frontier Bill Online

If you are a customer with Frontier then you probably already have an online account, but if you don’t then it is a few quick steps to make one.

  • First, go to, look for the “My Account” tab, hover over it and click on “Register. Account Registration

  • Enter in the required information and click create.
  • Respond to the verification email sent to the address you provided.
  • On the next page, enter in your email or username, your billing phone number, and your Frontier account number.
  • From there just authenticate your account and follow the on-screen directions.

Once you have set up your Frontier Pay My Bill account, log into your account to pay online.

  • First, click on “My Payments” and after that select “Make a Payment.
  • Enter how much you will pay in “Payment Amount” and then select either “Current Balance,” “Previous Charges,” or “Other.
  • You then choose your payment method, either a saved or new method.
  • To the right of “Payment Date” should be a calendar icon, select that and then schedule the day you would like to make your payment.
  • Click “Continue” and then “Confirm” to make the payment.

Paying via Express Pay

If you need to just make one payment outside of your scheduled payment, use Express Pay. With Express Pay, you don’t need to log in to your Frontier account. Go to and enter your Frontier account number and PIN. From there just follow the directions on the page to complete your one-time payment. ExpressPay

Paying with the MyFrontier App

If you want to pay online from your phone you can always opt for using the app.

  • In order to use the app, first you have to go to and download the app.
  • Once you have logged in go to the top left corner in the app and select “My Payments.
  • Once in “My Payments” simply enter payment amount, method, and date in the appropriate locations.
  • If you want to automatically pay, select “Set up Auto Pay” and set up an amount, method, and date, similar to before.

Frontier Pay My Bill over the Phone

To pay by phone call 1-800-801-66-52 with your account number on hand and follow the automated directions. There is a potential $3.50 dollar fee using this payment method.

Paying through the Mail

To pay by mail, send either a check or money order to:

Frontier Communications
PO Box 740407
Cincinnati, Ohio 45274-0407

Or, for an overnight address:

Frontier Communications
63 Stone Street, 2nd Floor
Rochester, New York 14646-0400

Send either a check or money order, including your account number and payment stub.

Pay Your Bill in Person

 You can either pay at a Frontier retail location or at an agent location.

Paying through an agent location has a 1.50 dollar fee.

Paying My Bill with Agent–Assisted Payment

For this option just dial 1-800-921-81-01 and select option 3 and follow the directions. You will also need your account number. This option may also incur a $4.50 dollar fee.

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