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Regarding cable television and internet service in the United States, Optimum is ranked #4. It’s a company that puts the customer first, providing them with the most incredible possible experiences and solutions to any problems that may arise.
The company has multiple payment systems focusing on convenience to keep customers returning for more of their services. Customer convenience led to a wide variety of mechanisms. All the details you need to know about making a payment, whether over the phone, online, in person, or Optimum Pay bill as guest, are here.


How to create an optimum account online?

  • Open net/id.
  • Add your 13-digit account number that you can find on your store receipt or bill.
  • Add the last name and phone number mentioned on your account.
  • Press continue.
  • Fill out all the required fields.

Your ID will be generated

how to verify optimum account

Optimum Pay My Bill: 5 methods

  1. Optimum Bill Pay Online

You can pay your Optimum bill online in three ways: one-time payments, autopay, and bank transfers. 
Get in touch with your Optimum account manager by logging in to make a one-time payment or activate automatic billing. You can also choose the option for Optimum Pay bill as guest.
Whether you’re making a recurring or one-time payment, you can choose the debit/credit card you’d like to use and the date you’d like to be charged. Monthly payments will automatically be deducted from your account, relieving you of that responsibility.
If you use automatic payments, plan to have sufficient funds in your account on the due date. A late fee will be assessed if the problem is not resolved by the due date.
You’ll need to sign up for an account on the company’s website and log in with that info to use it. If you go in, look for the choice to make regular payments automatically and fill out the associated bank details. Log back into your online account and uncheck the “Automatic Payment” box to cancel the method.
Optimum accepts bank transfer payments as well. Add Optimum as a beneficiary in your bank’s bill pay service. If asked, please enter your 14-digit account number and the address below.
PO Box 70340
Philadelphia, PA 19176-0340
One-time payments are what we advise. Optimum can more easily resolve a billing issue by adjusting your account rather than issuing a refund if they do not already have your payment.

2. Optimum Pay Bill Using Phone Number

Currently, not everyone enjoys interacting with technological devices. Optimum accepts payments over the phone, which is convenient for those who prefer more conventional payment methods. You’ll need your service provider’s number, which is on your bill, to finish this.

Optimum accepts phone payments via (866) 213-7456. Call between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. PST to make a phone payment. Make sure your debit or credit card is accessible whenever you call to make the payment. Paying your Optimum bill is easy, as you can do it through the automated system or by calling a customer service agent.

Optimum charges a $10 convenience fee for customers who need assistance paying their accounts over the phone with a customer service agent. In most cases, we’ve found that a simple request for a refund during the call is all it takes to get that fee reversed.

At (877) 936-4778, call Optimum retention. That will also earn you the most significant discounts on your Optimum monthly bill. Existing customers of Optimum can still take advantage of substantial savings thanks to the site’s many promotions.

3. Optimum Bill Pay Via Mailing Check

If you prefer to mail your payment to Optimum, their mailing address is Optimum P.O. Box 70340 Philadelphia, PA 19176-0340. In general, checks should be sent to this address. The overnight address should be used if you ship a statement through UPS or FedEx.


Remitco/Deluxe – Optimum

P.O. Box 70340

400 White Clay Center Drive

Newark, DE 19711

The addresses may differ, but the post office boxes remain the same. Be cautious. You can use a check or money order to pay your bill via postal mail. They require your 14-digit account number or a copy of your most recent pay stub to verify your identity. When sending Optimum a check, ensure sufficient funds are in your account. You will be assessed a $20 fee if your check bounces.

4.Optimum Bill Pay Through App

The Optimum app also provides a convenient payment method for your monthly bill. To pay your bill, go to the button menu and select “my bill.” You can choose the payment method, the due amount, and the date. Optimum is compatible with both iOS and Android devices via dedicated apps.

5.Optimum Pay Bill In Person

Optimum accepts in-person payments at Optimum outlets and at CheckFreePay and Western Union. You can pay at Optimum shops with the following: credit card, debit card, money order, cash, or check. An after-hours drop box is available at most Optimum locations for the deposit of checks. They point out that processing times increase for missed payments (2-3 business days).

Paying your bill in person is also an option, and there are designated locations where you can do so. Your 14-digit account number is required to make a payment. Remember to pay at a Western Union or Checkfreepay location if you need to make a cash payment for your Optimum bill with a third party.

What Is Optimum’s Policy Regarding Late Payments?

You have 10–13 days to pay Optimum from the bill’s due date. If the bill is not paid within the grace period, a late fee of $10 will be assessed. If you are late with your payments to Optimum, the company will terminate your service. Late payment fees and a reconnection charge will need to be paid before service can be restored.

Can I Reduce My Optimum Bill?

In some cases, Optimum could charge you more than necessary for their services. If you don’t pay your bills on time every month, you might have to pay late fees. When you implement these strategies, you will notice a decrease in your monthly bills.

Overview of Monthly Statement

Sometimes, the company may send you a hefty monthly bill because they incorrectly billed you for services or amounts. A subscription that includes a monthly statement makes it easier to keep track of your spending. Unfortunately, contacting customer service will not immediately result in a decrease in your bills. But, if you get them, you can have any questions or concerns about the incorrect billing answered. Find the most secure, hassle-free method to pay your Optimum bill. A reliable service gives you access to a network of suppliers, allowing you to pay your bills with a few mouse clicks.

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