Explore These Infiniti Financial Services Bill Pay Ways

Infiniti Financial Services provides financing for Infiniti vehicles. The Infiniti brand is the luxury vehicle division of Nissan.

Infiniti Financial Services Bill Pay Online

You can quickly do Infiniti Financial Services bill pay online.

Start by visiting their website: www.infinitifinance.com.



Click “Pay Now” in the middle of the page and click “Login” in the upper right of the next page.

www.InfinitiFinance.com Payment


This brings you to their payment portal. If you are new to making online payments, you will need to register.

Register for Infiniti Financial Services Bill Pay Online

From the payment portal, click the purple button saying “Register.”



Enter your first and last name, and then create a username. Enter and confirm your email address and create and confirm a password.

Accounts.InfinitiUSA.com Registration


Click the purple arrow pointing to the right and follow the prompts to complete your registration.

Log into Infiniti Financial Services Bill Pay Online

To make your Infiniti Financial Services online payment, visit the payment portal.

Enter your username or email address and your password.

Accounts.InfinitiUSA.com Login


Click “Log In” and follow the prompts to make your payment.

Other Ways to Pay Your Infiniti Financial Services Bill

You can use alternate payment methods to make your Infiniti Financial Services payment.

  • Pay through BillMatrix: You can use a variety of payment methods using BillMatrix. BillMatrix isn’t available in every state, and there will be a fee depending on your payment method. You can make a BillMatrix payment by visiting their website.
  • Pay through MoneyGram: You can also use various payment methods with MoneyGram. There is a fee for using this service. You can contact MoneyGram for more information by calling 1-800-666-39-47.
  • Pay by mail: Send a check or money order to:
    Infiniti Financial Services
    P.O. Box 742658
    Cincinnati, OH, 45274-2658 if you are purchasing your vehicle or:
    Infiniti Financial Service
    P.O. Box 740596
    Cincinnati, OH, 45274-0596 if you are leasing your vehicle.

Infiniti Financial Services Customer Service

If you have questions about your bill and you are purchasing your car, call customer service at 1-800-627-44-37. If you are leasing, call 1-800-887-51-55. They are available Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. CST, and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.

Infiniti Financial Services FAQs

My lease is about to end. What are my options?

Infiniti Financial Services offers three options for your lease. You can lease a new Infiniti, purchase your vehicle for the amount specified in your lease agreement, or return the vehicle.

Can I change my due date?

It varies depending on your account. Contact customer service at 1-800-627-4437 to discuss your options.

I’m having trouble making my payment this month. What are my options?

If you are buying your vehicle, Infiniti Financial Services may be able to assist you with skipping or deferring one month’s payment. To find out if you are eligible, call them at 1-800-627-4437. Leases are not eligible for skipping or deferring a payment.

I have a co-signer. Can they get a monthly billing notice too?

You can have your co-signer receive a statement. Log into your account and click on “My Profile” and then “Notification Preferences.” Look for “Alert Notification Preferences” and select “Notify me by email when a statement is available online.” Add the email address of your co-signer and save the changes.

Once I pay off my car, when will I get my title?

This varies depending on the state. Typically, your title or lien release is mailed out within 10 business days of the date when you final payment posts to your account. In some states, it may take up to 45 days, though.
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