Orkin Pay My Bill – Use This Convenient AutoPay Option

If you have Orkin pest control services, you know they are reliable and dependable and take care of your pest control without you having to think about it. There’s an easy way to have your monthly Orkin bill taken care of without you thinking about it either, and that’s Orkin AutoPay.

Enroll in Orkin AutoPay to Make Payments

Orkin offers a convenient AutoPay option for you to manage your monthly Orkin pest control bill. To begin you must enroll in AutoPay by visiting the Orkin Pay My Bill page here.

There are several different ways to enroll in the Orkin AutoPay program:

  • The first way to enroll is to call the Orkin customer service representatives at 844-223-06-60.
  • You can call your local Orkin office and give them your bank account information over the phone. You can find your local office using the locator found here.
  • On the auto pay payment page, you can fill out the registration information to register online.
www.Orkin.com CustomerCare AutoPay


  • You can download the registration form and fax it to the office. You can find that form here.

Contact Orkin Customer Service

If you have any problems while enrolling in auto pay you can contact Orkin customer service at 877-620-82-82 or you can use the customer care contact form.

While credit card payments are not accepted through AutoPay, you can easily use your bank account to have your monthly payments automatically debited from your account. Just choose one of the options above to get started.

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