AIG Pay My Bill – All Ways To Make a Payment

AIG empowers clients in more than 80 countries to reduce risks with appropriate insurance policies and financial products that meet their needs, from business to personal. AIG got its start in 1919 when American Cornelius Vander Starr started an insurance agency in Shanghai, China.

Manage Your AIG Account Online

You can manage your AIG account through your account online once you’ve set it up. It’s easy to set up your account and make payments for all of the various AIG related accounts you may have:

  • Visit the AIG homepage at:
  • Click ‘Log In’ on the right side of the navigation bar at top of screen

  • On the login screen, you will need to choose the type of policy you are logging into: business, employee, or individual Login

  • Below the drop-down box, the different options for each type of account (business, employee, or individual) will appear. Click on the account you would like to register for or log into.
  • Click ‘Register for Online Access’ or enter username and password if you’ve already registered.

Paying Your Individual AIG Bill

From the login page scroll down to the bottom and click ‘Make an AIG Private Client Group Payment’. Private Payment

From the next screen, you can make your payment online by clicking the Make a Payment button and logging in with your username and password. The user ID and password you need are shown on your billing statement under the “Ways to Pay” section. You can change your password the first time you log in to something you will remember. Make A Payment

AIG Pay My Bill by Phone

You can make your payment over the phone with our automated system if you have a continental US billing address: Call toll free: 888-978-53-71.

AIG Payment with a Check

Make your check payable to “AIG Private Client Group.”
Include your payment stub with your check.

Send payment stub and check to one of the following based on your location:

For policyholders in the Eastern and Central U.S.
AIG Private Client Group
PO Box 35423
Newark, NJ 07193-5423

For policyholders in the Western U.S.
AIG Private Client Group
PO Box 601148
Pasadena, CA 91189-1148

If you need to send your payment by overnight delivery, use the following addresses based on your location:

For policyholders in the Eastern and Central U.S.
JPMorgan Chase Lockbox: 35423
Attn: New York Image Lockbox Processing
4 Chase Metro Tech Center, 7th Floor East
Brooklyn, NY 11245
(888) 978-53-71

For policyholders in the Western U.S.
JPMorgan Chase Lockbox: 601148
Attn: Lockbox Department
2710 Media Center Drive
Building 6, Suite 120
Los Angeles, CA 90065
(888) 978-5371

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