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No matter what type of insurance policy you have with Amica, our online system makes managing your account and paying your bill a snap.  No hassles, just helpfulness at Amica.  You can make your policy payments online or take a more traditional route and pay by phone or mail.

Making Your Amica Payments Online

Amica offers many options for paying your bill online. You can login and make a one-time payment or schedule a future payment or you can sign up for auto pay to have your bill automatically taken care of for you.

To begin managing your online payments you can visit the Amica website at and create your online account.

  • Click on ‘Make a payment’ about midway down the page from the options menu Make a Payment

  • This will bring you to the login page
  • As a first time user you will click on the option on the right to ‘Create Account’ Create Account

  • You will follow four easy steps to create your account:
  1. Complete the account verification page by entering your name and policy number
  2. Create your login information
  3. Add your security details
  4. Enter your primary email address Registration

Making online payments is simple once you have created your Amica account.

  • Amica gives you two options for making a one-time payment. You can login and make a payment immediately or schedule a one-time payment to be made at a date in the future.
  • AutoPay is an easier way to take care of your payment online and can help you avoid installment fees. You can set it up and forget about it.  Your payments will be made on time monthly.  You can learn more about AutoPay on the information page here.

Other Options for Amica Pay My Bill

You can make your Amica by phone or by mail if the online option is not convenient for you.

For your Auto, Home, Marine or Umbrella accounts, mail payment to:
Amica Mutual Insurance
PO Box 9128
Providence, RI 02940-9128

For assistance or phone payments with these accounts, call 800-242-64-22

For your Life or Annuity accounts, mail payment to:

Amica Life Insurance Policy
PO Box 9700
Providence, RI 02940-9700

For assistance or phone payments with these accounts, 800-234-54-33

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