LabCorp Pay My Bill – How You Can Do It

LabCorp is a nationwide provider of medical laboratory services and testing, processing over 500,000 specimens daily for healthcare providers. Healthcare providers can order testing for their patients and review results online. Patients can use the LabCorp website to schedule or change appointments and pay their LabCorp bill online.

If you have health insurance, make sure your information is up to date when you visit a LabCorp testing center. LabCorp will first submit the bill to your primary insurance, then your secondary insurance provider, if applicable, before sending you a bill for the remaining balance. If you don’t have insurance or your health plan doesn’t process claims from LabCorp, you will have to pay for your testing service before the specimens can be drawn.

LabCorp Pay My Bill Online

You need a LabCorp invoice to pay your bill online. If you have one, you’re ready to get started!

  • Visit the LabCorp website:
  • Click Bill Pay from the top left navigation bar. Bill Pay

  • From the next screen, click Pay Online / Update Insurance.
  • Enter your invoice number and zip code, then click the Secure Sign In Button. Sign In

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to make your payment with a credit card or checking account.

How to Pay LabCorp Bill with Preauthorized Credit Card Option

When you visit a LabCorp location, present your health savings account (HSA) card or credit card when checking in for your appointment. You can approve the charge to your account should there be a balance after your insurance company has processed your claim – this means you will not have to receive an invoice and log into the LabCorp website to make payment after your appointment.

How to Pay My Bill with LabCorp if I Have Financial Hardship

For patients experiencing a financial hardship, LabCorp offers patient-specific payment plans and special arrangements to help you pay for your LabCorp bill. To find out if you qualify, call 800-845-61-67.

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