Travelers Insurance Pay My Bill – Explore All Ways

Travelers Insurance Companies offers a variety of quick and easy ways for customers to pay their bill online.  The eye-catching website with the distinct red umbrella allows for easy 24/7 account access and management.

Travelers Insurance Pay My Bill Online

You can manage and pay your Travelers Insurance bill online as either a guest making a one-time payment or by logging into your account. You choose which method fits your needs. You can have an account and also decide to just hop on the web one day and make a quick one-time payment without logging in. Whichever you choose you’ll need to get started by visiting the Travelers Insurance website:

  • At the top right of the page click on the umbrella icon where it says, ‘Log In’ if you’d like to login and make a payment, or click account login at the center of the page Login

  1. Enter your user ID and password to login
  2. Click on Register Now if it’s your first time, so that you can create an account and then login with your user id and password
  3. By having an account, you can update billing information, store your payment information, access your account history and make a one time or recurring payment.
  • If you’d like to make a one-time payment, click on Account Log In in the middle of the page, rather than logging in you will choose the option to the right where Pay My Bill is highlighted Pay Bill

  • Once you click on pay my bill you will be taken to a page with several options
  • Click on the middle option to make a one-time payment One-Time Payment

  • Enter your policy or billing number, last name, and zip code to begin making your one-time payment Make One-Time Payment

  • With either method, once you’ve logged in or entered your basic account information you can follow the additional prompts on the screen to complete your payment.

Make Your Travelers Insurance Payment – Other Ways

You can manage and pay your Travelers Insurance bill over the phone or by sending a regular old mail payment. Your statement each month includes the phone number on the top of the page that you should call if you’d like to make a phone payment. Our voice recognition program will help you speed right through the process of making your phone payment.

If you’d like to pay by mail, please enclose a check or money order as well as your remittance coupon and write your account number on the payment method and mail to:

Travelers Personal Insurance
P. O. Box 660307
Dallas, TX 75266-0307

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