BCH Pay My Bill – Full User Guide

With 540 physicians in 54 different medical specialties, Boulder Community Health is a community owned and operated not for profit health system. BCH is committed to the idea that serving the local area with high-quality medical care starts with high-quality talent. BCH’s purpose is to meet the medical needs of the people and businesses in Boulder and the surrounding areas.

Recognized around the state for our excellence in heart care, neurosurgery, stroke care, orthopedics, and cancer treatments, BCH holds the proud tradition of adopting and utilizing cutting-edge technology and practices to boost the overall care for all of our patients.  BCH understands that a trip to the hospital is often a trying experience so they make it their goal to make the aftermath and payment process as simple and stress-free as possible!

BCH Pay My Bill Options

To make the payment process as simple as possible, BCH has decided that creating an online account is not necessary.  Fear not!  Online security is still of the upmost importance and the site complies with all federal and HIPAA regulations.  Your privacy is not to be compromised.


Note that BCH has provided a youtube video to better assist with instructions.

www.BCH.org Online Bill Pay


You’ll be rerouted to the BCH extension on payconnexion.com.  They handle the majority of the security when it comes to transfer as that’s their specialty.

  • Fill out the information fields as you see fit.
  • If you wish to make payments, use the Calculate button to better understand how your payments will affect the payoff date and payment amounts.
www.PayCoonexion.com BCH Payment


  • Fill out your credit information and click Continue to move on to payment processing.

Over the Phone

  • BHC Physician Clinic bills can handled by calling 303-415-47-66.
  • For any other BCH bills, including the hospital related services we provide, call Patient Financial Services at 303-415-47-00.
  • Hours of operation are Monday – Wednesday, 9am to 4pm, Thursday 11am to 4pm, and Friday 9am to 4pm.

Mail or In Person

  • If you wish to pay in person, that’s definitely an option. You can pay at any of our locations.  A list of our locations can be found by visiting the bch.org website and clicking the Locations tab in the menu bar.

If you visit the locations tab on the website there is a Locations Map to give you a better idea of which location may be the closest to your area.

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