PeachCare Pay My Bill – Easy Options

PeachCare is a program in the state of Georgia that provides health coverage for uninsured children. Their coverage includes preventative care, dental care, and vision care.

PeachCare Pay My Bill Online

For PeachCare pay my bill online, start by visiting their website.

Click the link on the left-hand side that reads “Payment Information.” This will bring you to their payment information page. Peachcare Kids

Click on the word “here” to be taken to their online payment portal. Payment Information

To make a payment, you will need to set up a profile.

Create a Profile for PeachCare Pay My Bill

On their payment portal, click the blue words “Create a profile.” Login

Create a username. The username needs to have between six and 30 characters. The only special characters allowed are commas, periods, and quotation marks.

Enter your first and last name.

Create a password. Your password needs to have at least eight characters and include three out of the following four options: an upper-case letter, a lower-case letter, a number, or a special character. New User

Re-enter your password, and then enter your email address. Click the blue button saying “Create Profile.”

Log into PeachCare Pay My Bill Online

From the payment portal, enter your username and password on the right-hand side. Click “Sign In” and follow the prompts to make your payment. Login

Other Ways to Pay Your PeachCare Bill

If you’d rather not pay your PeachCare bill online, you have other options.

  • Pay by phone: To pay by phone, call PeachCare at 1-877-427-32-24. You can pay using their automated system.
  • Pay by mail: You can mail your payment to:
    PeachCare for Kids
    P.O. Box 44031
    Jacksonville, FL, 32231.
    Include your account number on the payment.

PeachCare Customer Service

You can contact PeachCare Customer Service by phone at 1-877-427-32-24. You can also contact them via their website. Fill out the form and click “Submit.” Contact

PeachCare FAQs

Who can use PeachCare?
Children under age 19 without insurance can utilize PeachCare. The family needs to make less than or equal to 247 percent of the federal poverty level.

How much is PeachCare?
There is a low monthly premium for PeachCare for children age 6 and older. Additionally, you may need to pay co-pays when you receive services for children age 6 and older.

How do I apply for PeachCare?
You can visit their website or call them at 1-877-427-32-24.

What is a CMO?
A CMO is a care management organization. Your care management organization oversees your child’s healthcare. Additionally, your child will have a primary care physician to help coordinate care.

What if I don’t agree with a PeachCare decision?
You can appeal a PeachCare eligibility decision within 45 days. You can appeal by phone at 1-877-427-47-46 or by visiting their website.

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