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Quest Diagnostics offers products and services for healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, life insurance companies, employers, and patients. As the leading provider of diagnostic testing, Quest Diagnostics is proud to provide the services and information doctors and patients need to make informed healthcare decisions. They’ve also designed an easy-to-use patient portal so you can pay your bill quickly online or from a convenient mobile app.

Register for the MyQuest Patient Portal

To gain valuable insights to your health, share information with healthcare providers, and make payments, you need to set up an account within the patient portal.

  • Visit and click on MyQuest Patient Portal

  • On the next screen, click the green Sign Up button on the top right Sign Up

  • Enter a username and password, and then click the Register Now button.
  • Follow the rest of the on-screen prompts to set up your account with the patient portal.

With a MyQuest account, you can update your insurance information, check invoice status, and review health records. If you choose, you can also download the MyQuest mobile app for Apple or Android devices. Mobile App

Quest Diagnostics Pay My Bill Online

After you’ve registered for the patient portal you can log into MyQuest with your username and password and make arrangements to pay your bill.

If you’d like to pay your bill from a Quest Diagnostics invoice you’ve received, visit the following URL. Enter the Lab Code and Invoice Number as it appears on your statement, and then click the submit button. Enter the payment details on the next screen to pay your Quest Diagnostics bill online.

Other Options to Pay Your Quest Diagnostics Bill

If for some reason you don’t want to pay online, there are other options.

Pay by Mail

Your invoice will include a payment coupon and mailing address. Fill out your check and send it along with the payment coupon to the mailing address provided. Make sure to write the invoice number on your check or money order.

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