T-Mobile Pay My Bill – Easy Options

T-Mobil gives you everything you need at the tip of your fingers to pay your bill securely and on time. T-Mobile has both an easy-to-use app and a user-friendly website so you can pay your bill 24/7. Here is a quick rundown about how you can quickly pay your T-Mobile bill online.

T-Mobile Pay My Bill Online

Before you do anything else, the key to paying your bill online with T-Mobile is creating an online account. Your online account allows you to access your T-Mobile account on your tablet, smartphone, laptop, and computer. Setting up your online account is easy. You can create an online T-Mobile account in three easy steps.

  1. Visit the T-Mobile homepage.
  2. Click on ‘My T-Mobile’ in the top of the page
    www.T-Mobile.com Sign Up


  3. Select ‘Sign Up’ when prompted.
    Account.T-Mobile.com Registration


  4. Create your account, using your name, email address, and phone number.

Once you create your online ID, you can pay your bill online with T-Mobile’s easy-to-use payment solutions.

Automatic Payments

When you log in to your T-Mobile account, you can enroll in automatic payments so your bill gets paid on-time every month. Enrolling is easy. As soon as you access your online account, simply select ‘Billing,’ and then ‘Enroll’. You will be prompted to enter your payment information. Once you complete the set-up, your payment will draft from your bank account every month on your due date.

On the T-Mobile App

T-Mobile gives you the power to pay your cell phone bill on your smartphone. If you have an Apple or Android device, visit your app store to download the T-Mobile app to your phone. The T-Mobile app provides you with access to your account information, past and current payments, data overview, and much more.

You can look at your bill, find out how much is due, and pay your bill with the click of a button. The T-Mobile app allows you to pay with your checking account information, debit card, or credit card.

You can also set up automatic deductions from your checking account with the app. When you locate the ‘Due Date’ within the app, you can select ‘Off’ to enroll in automatic payments. From here you will be asked to enter your payment information.

More Payment Options

If you can’t pay your bill online, T-Mobile offers a handful of alternative options to get your account paid on-time.

T-Mobile Pay My Bill by Mail

You can mail your payment directly to the closest T-Mobile Processing Center near you.

  1. PO Box 51843, Los Angeles, CA 90051-6143
  2. PO Box 790047, St. Louis, MO 63179-0047
  3. PO Box 660252, Dallas, TX 75266-0252
  4. PO Box 742596, Cincinnati, OH 45274-2596

Make sure you choose the mailing address closest to you, and include your account number and phone number on your check or money order.

Over the Phone

As a T-Mobile customer, you can pay by dialing *729 on your T-Mobile device. The automated system will take you through the payment options. You can also call customer service directly at 1-877-746-09-09 to make a payment, but a $5 fee will apply.

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