Peoples Gas Pay My Bill – Full Guide On Payment Ways

Originally founded in 1849, Peoples Gas supplies nearly 831,000 Chicago city residents with natural gas. In addition, Peoples Gas maintains about 4,456 miles of natural gas pipelines and is updating nearly 2,000 miles of outdated pipes.

Over the years the scope of Peoples Gas has expanded. As such, Peoples Gas offers several ways that you can pay your bill when it comes time.

Peoples Gas Pay My Bill Online

Several options exist for paying your bill online. To do so you first need to register your Peoples Gas Pay My Bill account.

  • Go to the Peoples Gas website, hover over “Your Account” and then click on “Register for online access”. Register Your Account

  • Select how you would like to be identified, enter and verify your email address, enter in your 15 digit account number, enter your name, and then if you decide to, either the last four digits of your social security number or the last four of your federal employer identification number. Your Account

  • From there just continue to Step 2 and follow the directions on screen.

Paying Peoples Gas Bill Through e-Bill

  • In order to use e-Bill you have to first enroll. Go to “Your Home”, select “Billing and Payments”. E-Bill

  • Click on “e-Bill paperless billing and payment”, and click on “Enroll in e-bill”.
  • Enter your email and password, then follow the directions on the page.
  • With e-Bill you can either pay automatically or manually. To pay automatically you go into your e-Bill and select to have your payment deducted from your preferred account on the day it arrives or it is due.
  • To pay manually you log into e-Bill each month and select what day you would like that month’s payment posted to your account. You can pay either immediately or at a later date.

Paying with Quick Payment

Payment made via quick payment will process the transaction instantly, but does incur a fee. $3.50 for a residential customer and $9.95 for a business customer.

  • To make a Quick Payment go to “Billing and Payments”, click on “Quick Payment” and select “Make a payment for a fee”.
  • On the next screen enter in your 15 digit account number, your customer name as it appears on your bill, and your email if you wish.
PaymentPGL.BillMatrix.Com Peoples Gas Payment

  • From there just follow the directions on the page in order to complete your payment.

Paying with Automatic Payment

When paying automatically through e-Pay you have the ability to change the date of payment each month based on your financial situation. With automatic payment it is the same date each month.

  • In order to enroll, go to “Billing and Payments” and select “Automatic Payment”. Click on “Review terms and enroll”.
  • Then enter your email or username and password and follow what the screen prompts instruct you to do.

Peoples Gas Pay My Bill – Other Ways

Paying my Bill Over the Phone

  • Just call 866-846-15-66 and follow the menu options. Paying over the phone will incur the same fees as with quick payment – $3.50 for residents and $9.95 for businesses.

Peoples Gas Pay My Bill In Person

  • In order to find a payment location, go to “Billing and Payments” and click on “Pay in person”.
  • Enter your zip code in the box in order to find the nearest payment location. Payment In Person

  • Paying in person will incur a $1-2 service fee.

Paying Through the Mail

  • You can enclose a check in the bill payment envelope provided monthly by Peoples Gas
  • Or if you misplaced that envelope you can mail in a check to:
    Peoples Gas
    P.O. Box 2968
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201-2968
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