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In Delaware you can pay your energy bill online at the convenient Stream Energy website. You can also shop for electric and gas plans as well as subscribe to Stream wireless service. The website shows you a variety of options for all your needs. It’s easy to login to manage all your services and make your bill payments on the simple to navigate website.

Stream Energy Pay My Bill Online

To get started managing your payments, you’ll need to visit the Stream Energy website found here  At the top of the page, you will see a simple navigation bar with highlighted links. Click the second option for “Pay My Bill” which will bring you to the account payment page.

Three choices for bill payments:

  • Wireless
  • Energy
  • Protect Pay My Bill

You’ll need to choose one of the above options depending on which service bill you need to pay.

  • For wireless, you need to enter your username and password to login and begin making your payments
  • For energy, you will first need to select the state where you have your service – Stream partners with utility companies from various states to offer you one convenient payment page
  • For protect, you cannot make a payment online but if you click that option you will be given the customer service information that will allow you to update your billing information. Or find the information here:
    • 844-261-12-77
    • Monday – Friday, 7 am – 8 pm CST and
    • Saturday – Sunday, 8 am – 5 pm CST

To make a one-time payment:

  • Scroll down on the payment page under the three service options
  • Click on the blue button for ‘One Time Payment’
  • You will enter your account number and click ‘Continue’ on this page One-Time Payment

Other Ways to Pay Stream Energy Bill

Pay by Phone:

  • 888-962-58-88
  • Use a credit or debit card, fees apply
  • Phone payments are posted the same day they are made.

Pay in Person:

  • In person payments are accepted at Fidelity Express payment centers –use the locator here to find the center nearest you.

Pay by Mail:

  • Stream
    O. Box 650026
    Dallas, Texas 75265-0026
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